An Anatomical Embassy

The project is conceived as a refurbishment of the Embassy of Japan in Piccadilly; imagining its temporary relocation into the north edge of the adjacent Green Park. The procedural, operational and diplomatic organs of the Embassy become ceremonially eviscerated from the Victorian body and spill out into the park, like scattered ‘seeds’, which grow into small pavilion-like interventions. These vessels become re-inserted into the original building after a period of open use within the park; the two identities and two sets of vocabularies eventually grafting and budding together. This 'dual' Embassy (that of Green Park and that of 101-104 Piccadilly), embodies Venturi's ideas of 'duality', 'fragments', 'individuals', 'inflections' and 'the whole’ and becomes a carefully considered Diplomatic Architecture of formality, inflection and negotiation.