JAPAN IN LONDON: ARCHITECTURAL UNCANNY                            2015


[...] from the homely house to the haunted house there is a single passage, where what is contained and safe is therefore secrete, obscure, and inaccessible, dangerous and full of terrors; that ''heimlich is a word, the meaning of which develops toward and ambivalence until it finally coincides with its opposite, unheimlich.'' _ Anthony Vidler

A diplomatic site, a shared land geographically and politically, embodies a compact version of this 'single passage' from the 'heimlich' to the 'unheimlich'. This short animation is made to explore that an embassy as practice of the architectural uncanny, defining 'the domicile', and 'the other'. The film is an introduction exercise for the project 'An Anatomical Embassy', a speculative refurbishment for the existing embassy of Japan in London.